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Çözüm Odaklı Müşteri Memnuniyeti

SERVICES Transportation

In addition to using all modes of transportation such as land freight, sea freight, airfreight and rail freight separately, ARC also produces different solutions to clients by combining one or more of these modes of transportation

ARC is able provide full or partial service in roadfreight transportations to CIS countries, the Middle East and especially to Europe. In addition to that, due to a system established by the on-site business partner, ARC can transport to anywhere in Turkey as well.

In Seaways, due to its strong organizations, ARC can provide delivery service to a harbor as well as to any door both from Turkey to all around the world and from all around the world to Turkey,

In airfreight transportation, ARC is able to offer its customers extremely advantageous prices and benefits, due to its strategic alliances with airlines of the leading airline companies, ARC can make deliveries from airport to airport, from the airport to the customer or from the customer’s door to the door of the recipient. Our staff has knowledge and experience, and is able to offer different services such as transporting live animals and dangerous goods.

ARC is able to provide services in railfreight transport, which has a growing potential in recent years, to and from CIS countries, Europe and Near East countries. Our firm, which can offer both block train transport and multimodal transport, is also able to offer project-based services.